T. Hays Medical Art

Hi, I’m Tom Hays.  I am a 2012 graduate of the medical illustration program at the Medical College of Georgia.  The work done by medical illustrators is primarily meant to educate a specific audience.  This is always my main objective when I make any medical art.  I begin every assignment with thorough research on the subject matter, making sure that I am well versed in the concepts and details my imagery must portray to effectively communicate and educate.  Whenever possible, I work with medical experts to ensure the accuracy of my work.  It is a great honor to work with these health professionals, creating works of medical art that are essential to their education and can benefit society as a whole.  I find it quite satisfying to contribute to a healthier future with every work of medical art I make.


I trained extensively in the fine arts, including sculpture, painting, and drawing in undergraduate school, and minored in biology.  While in graduate school, I have studied human anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology, and pathology along with a broad range of courses that have trained me to express this scientific knowledge in clear, accurate, and effective imagery.  I am adept in a variety of two-dimensional media, animation, and have a special interest in the design and production of physical, three-dimensional anatomical models.  These models are unique in that they can be investigated from all angles at the discretion of the student.  One model can replace the need for multiple two-dimensional illustrations of the same subject and, therefore, can be a more effective and memorable teaching aid.


I look forward to working as a medical illustrator because I am both a dedicated scientist and a passionate artist.